Ak TenamitStrengthening the indigenous community

Promoting Cultural Pride

Respect for Mayan Culture

At Ak' Tenamit, we don’t believe that promoting development and educating young people in indigenous communities should draw them away from their culture. In fact, our work in the Río Dulce region has resulted in a local cultural renaissance, with more young people learning traditional music, dance and spiritual ceremonies.

Cultural education

Q’eqchi Maya culture plays an important role in the curriculum at our secondary boarding school.

Mayan ceremonyInternational Indigenous People’s Day

“I came [to Ak’ Tenamit] to find myself. I am Q’eqchi, what does it mean to be Q’eqchi? At first it was hard for me to accept [this culture], that it was ours. Now I see that it is important to value it and if we don’t value it, who else is going to?”

- - Luis Rax, 2010 graduate, Sustainable Tourism