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Closing the Gender Gap and Reducing Domestic Violence

Discrimination against women pervades all levels of Guatemala, from the countryside to the capital. This inequality, however, is strongest within indigenous communities and domestic violence against women is far too common.

At Ak' Tenamit, we make a point to promote gender equality in everything we do and improve local gender relations.

“The men and women at our workshops say that talking about [gender equality] is very important for their communities. The women don’t know where to turn to resolve domestic problems and, as a result, their families fall apart.”

- Ana Consuelo Tzalám Paquiun, Gender Based Violence and HIV Program Coordinator, Ak’ Tenamit

Promoting gender equality
Within Ak’ Tenamit’s leadership

At Ak’ Tenamit’s secondary school

In local villages:

Discouraging gender violence

In 2010, Ak’ Tenamit’s efforts reached: