Ak TenamitStrengthening the indigenous community

Mobile Clinic Program

The mobile clinic serves over 6,000 people annually

Ensuring healthcare in remote village

Our medical staff travel hours by boat and then trudge up muddy rainforest paths weekly to provide consultations and treatment in 21 Q’eqchi communities. They visit each community every three months and if they are unable to treat a patient while in the village they arrange for the patient to visit the riverside clinic.

trainingTraining local health promoters

The medical team also trains locals to provide medical services in their communities, which makes it easier for villagers to access medical care. We have trained 82 locals to work as health promoters and midwives in 29 different communities.

This training is a crucial step in enabling remote communities to become self-sufficient because it reduces their dependency on outside resources—which, unfortunately, may never come.

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