Ak TenamitStrengthening the indigenous community

Q’eqchi Women Face Extreme Health Risks

On average, indigenous
women have 6-7 children
by their late 20s.

While the villages Ak’ Tenamit serves in Rio Dulce suffer an array of health problems, Q’eqchi women are especially vulnerable.

For these reasons, obstetric care and women’s health are priorities for our health program.

Obstetric CareObstetric Care

Guatemala has the second highest maternal and infant mortality rates in the Western Hemisphere after Haiti. Our health program works to reduce these deaths by providing thorough pre- and post-natal care.

One ambulance trip costs $125. You can help prevent maternal and infant mortality by supporting our ambulance program.

Women’s Health

Ak’ Tenamit provides gynecological care at our riverside clinic and those who cannot reach our clinic receive care during our mobile clinic’s routine visits to villages. We prioritize women’s healthcare, especially for women of child-bearing ages, during training for village health promoters, who provide basic care between medical team visits.