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Frequently Asked Questions about student sponsorship

Why should I sponsor a student?
Sponsoring a student allows you to truly change not only the life of a student, but also that of his/her family and community. The opportunity to earn a vocational degree offers his/her family hope that their child will find work and not face a life of backbreaking work and disease. However, Ak’ Tenamit’s students also graduate understanding the importance of community and develop a passion for helping their communities move ahead.

studentsHow much does it cost to sponsor a student?
A full, one-year sponsorship is possible for $365 per year, only $1 per day.

What expenses does my contribution cover?
Nearly all of Ak’ Tenamit’s students live in poverty and their families cannot afford to send them to school because of the high costs associated with schooling in Guatemala. Your contribution helps covers the cost of your student’s tuition and school supplies and provides him/her three meals per day, year-round housing, healthcare, and transportation to/from the school and internship sites.

As a student sponsor, you can be certain that your contribution will be spent as you intended. The Guatemalan Tomorrow Fund is proud of the fact that, since 2005, 85% of all expenditures have been program-related. View our annual financial statements.

How do I become a student sponsor?
There are several ways to become a sponsor:

Can I sponsor more than one student?
Of course. Simply contact GTF at 561-747-9790 or info@thegtfund.org and we will match you with another student.

Does my sponsorship end after one year?
Not necessarily- the length of your sponsorship is up to you, and we encourage you to sponsor a student throughout the length of his/her schooling.

The student I am sponsoring has graduated. Can I sponsor another student?
Absolutely! After your student graduates, we will send you information about another student who is in need of a sponsor. If you would like to sponsor this student, please contact us and will happily arrange the sponsorship.

Is my contribution tax deductible?
Yes, all donations made in the US are tax-deductible. We are registered in the USA as a 501(c)3 organization and will provide you with a gift receipt upon receiving your payment that can be used for tax purposes.

If you don’t see your question on this list or would like to sponsor a student, please contact the Guatemalan Tomorrow Fund at 561-747-9790 or info@thegtfund.org.