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Sponsor A Student

How sponsoring a student works

Many students at our secondary boarding school are the first in their families to study beyond elementary school. Students at Ak’ Tenamit come from some of Guatemala’s poorest communities and usually work in different areas of Ak’ Tenamit to pay a portion of their education expenses– but they need much more help to be able to continue studying. If not for the generosity of donors like you, they would have little hope of entering, much less completing secondary school and breaking the cycle of poverty that their families face.

For $1 per day you can have an enormous impact
on a young persons’ life.

An annual student sponsorship costs just $365, which provides the following:

By sponsoring a student, you are not only changing one life- you also changing entire communities. From the beginning, Ak’ Tenamit’s students are instilled with the importance of helping others and not merely working for themselves. Most students are the first in their families to study beyond elementary school (6th grade). Moran Center graduates now work with non-profit organizations, government agencies, hotels, restaurants, and some have continued studying in university.

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There are several ways to become a sponsor:

  1. Call or email our office at 561-747-9790 or info@thegtfund.org and let us know that you are interested in sponsoring a student. We will promptly send you information about a student in need of a sponsor and explain how to make the contribution.
  2. Go to our 'Sponsor a Student' online form.

As a sponsor you will receive the following information from the Guatemalan Tomorrow Fund, the fund raising organization for Ak' Tenamit, to help you get to know your student: