Ak TenamitStrengthening the indigenous community

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Sponsors are Needed
Our 400 students are from 100 remote villages. They can transform their communities if you will invest $1 per day ($360 per year) in their future.
Small Business
Ak’ Tenamit provides training for community-based tourism programs. Learn more about locally-run hotels, restaurants, and tour packages.
Small Business
Ak Tenamit treats over 10,000 patients per year in our 24-hour clinic. We send health teams to 21 remote villages by boat to care for 6000 people. All for a cost of $20 per patient each year.
Guatemala is suffering the worst drought in 30 years. Our parents are unable to donate corn to Ak Tenamit to help pay for their child’s edcuation. Fewer donations leave us short of funds for food, fuel and other supplies.