Ak TenamitStrengthening the indigenous community

Reducing Poverty Through Education

Ak’ Tenamit takes two approaches to reducing poverty through education:

  1. We provide an opportunity for girls to receive an education and equip all students with job skills
  2. Equip students with the skills and opportunities that will allow them to find solutions to poverty in their communities

Our Achievements

There is strong international consensus that educating girls reduces poverty. Once educated, agricultural productivity and incomes increase and healthcare improves.

More indigenous girls are attending secondary school
Broadening access to rural-appropriate education

Impact 2015 – Education


Impact 2015 – Health

Health Results

Here is a sample of what are 2009 graduates are doing:

Alvaro Medina Ical
Develops agricultural programs for the Lachúa Foundation in Alta Verapaz, Guatemala.
Hilda Mas Macz works with the organization Mi Familia Progresa (My Family Progresses), which works with families in Petén, Guatemala living in extreme poverty. She is in charge of programs in 27
Rita Choc Pop works as a program coordinator with the Foundation Guillermo Toriello. She works to improve food security in communities in Rio Dulce, Guatemala.