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Rio Dulce has a variety of community tourism destinations, each offering different activities depending on its location. These activities include:

As you participate in these activities, you will learn about Q’eqchi Mayan culture and also be supporting community efforts to improve the quality of life of their families.

Asociación Ak’ Tenamit

Visitors have the opportunity to visit Ak’ Tenamit’s innovative jungle boarding school located on the Rio Tatín. Here, student guides in practice will share their campus where you can tour the classrooms, listen to traditional marimba music, see a craftsman at work, walk on a nature trail and swim in the river. Be sure to visit the fair trade handicraft store where you can support local women’s cooperatives and enjoy a delicious meal at Café Tatín, one of our students’ practical classrooms.

Please contact oscar.diaz@aktenamit.org for more information

Plan Grande Quehueche

With road access to Livingston, this community is one of the most easily accessible for visitors. The tourism project, started in 2004, was one of the first to be implemented in Izabal and has grown with the support of Ak’ Tenamit to offer an eco-lodge called Ratz’um Q’iche’ (Flower of the Mountain), handicrafts, cultural demonstrations and a guided tour of nearby caves and waterfalls.

Alberto Coy (502) 51953643
Luis Ramiro (502) 57672092
Oscar Coy (502) 46458662


Plan Grande Tatín

This community is also connected to Livingston by road and is within walking distance of Ak’ Tenamit’s school site. Their efforts in the area of community tourism began in 2007 with the help of graduates from Ak’ Tenamit’s sustainable tourism program. They offer a guided walking tour to the Cueva del Tigre (Tiger Cave), where you will see a Mayan ceremony and have access to swimming in the cave. In addition, there is traditional Marimba music, handicrafts, a restaurant and bike rentals.

(502) 4854 7113
(502) 5713 4074

Email: cuevadeltigre@hotmail.es

Aguas Calientes

A 35 minute boat ride from Livingston, this community offers access to a hot spring, a guided tour through a cave and a restaurant on the riverbank. The association in charge of the tourism project was formed in 2006 by community members interested in developing a new source of income. Local handicrafts are also available for purchase in the restaurant.

(502) 5152 5950
(502) 5033 6483
(502) 5375 0496

Lagunita Salvador

Located in the Biotopo Chocon Machacas manatee preserve, this community offers a hotel and restaurant called Q’ana Itz’am. Here you can enjoy local cuisine, dance and music in a beautiful natural setting. They offer the opportunity to participate in cultural activities, tours for a variety of interests, including bird-watching and lagoons, and canoe rentals.

Website: www.lagunitasalvador.com

(502) 5992 1853
(502) 5363 0018

Email: info@lagunitasalvador.com